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Wisdom of Your Body with Jules Blaine Davis – Episode 18

The Recap

Jules Blaine Davis is a mother of two and artist in many realms, including painting poetry, performing arts, movement, and meditation. She is also an author, a self-proclaimed awakener, advocate for women, activist and, most importantly, a kitchen healer. Jules utilizes the power of food and community to unite women across all backgrounds to live their most abundant lives. Jules’ interaction with these women, coupled with her belief that we all have a deep inner hunger for more, is what inspired her to become the kitchen healer.

In this episode, Jules and Jennifer discuss the importance of deciphering the positive and negative entities in our lives and having the courage to say ‘yes’ to those that bring value to our lives and ‘no’ to those that do not align with our core beliefs. They talk in depth about life, loss, grief, death, and other topics that can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable. They identify the need to break free from the cycle of generations past and name these issues to confront them head-on through open and honest communication. We learn about what it means to live with an awareness that every moment is precious and to appreciate those moments. Finally, Jennifer and Jules discuss living a lifestyle ‘below the neck’ through movement and reconnection to the body’s oldest organ, the heart.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:58 – Introducing Jules
  • 01:51 – Jennifer thanks the audience
  • 04:12 – Jules discusses how she always knew she would be a mom
  • 05:20 – The story of how Jennifer met Jules
  • 09:47 – How Jules helps women recognize their own value and heal
  • 12:11 – Jules talks about the importance of saying ‘no’ when something isn’t in your best interests
  • 16:06 – Naming grief and death and dealing with them through open communication
  • 20:00 – Jules recalls the challenges she faced while writing her book
  • 23:34 – The importance of living with an awareness that every moment is a gift
  • 27:58 – Jules’ background pre-husband and children
  • 32:27 – Jules reflects on her college experience
  • 37:02 – How Jules ended up living in Los Angeles
  • 41:21 – The moment Jules realizes medical school wasn’t her path
  • 43:35 – Jules discusses giving herself permission to be the person she was meant to be
  • 45:45 – How Jules became a kitchen healer
  • 50:01 – Nourishing the soul
  • 56:28 – The role of motherhood in shaping the next generation
  • 1:02:35 – How Jules lives a ‘below the neck’ lifestyle through movement and dancing
  • 1:07:52 – What does Jules think about when she hears the word MILF?
  • 1:08:12 – What is something Jules has changed her mind about recently?
  • 1:08:33 – How does Jules define success?

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