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Asshole Toddlers Make for Good Memes with Kelly Hoover Greenway – Episode 14

The Recap

Kelly Hoover Greenway is a TV producer, writer, and mother of two who loves memes and dismantling the patriarchy. After her husband John was diagnosed with brain cancer in February of 2016, Kelly’s world was forever changed. Over the course of the next two years, while John underwent treatment, Kelly found the courage and strength to care for her husband, raise two sons, work a full-time job in Development Production, and start a parenting blog entitled Mommy Dearest Inc.

In this episode, Kelly opens up about her husband John’s two-year long battle with brain cancer and the affect it had on her and her two young boys, Cooper and Griffin. Kelly talks about navigating this sensitive topic with her children as well as well-intentioned friends and family. She touches on her career in Television Development and Production and how work provided a much needed break from the daily stress she was experiencing in her home life. Finally, Kelly discusses her blog, which chronicles the absurdities of parenthood with wit, satires and plenty of memes!

Episode Highlights

  • 01:08 – Introducing Kelly
  • 04:08 – Kelly opens up about her husband John’s brain cancer diagnosis
  • 08:18 – Kelly discusses the two-year long battle with cancer that ensued
  • 10:58 – The difference Kelly sees in John now that he’s undergone treatment
  • 12:16 – How this ordeal impacted Kelly’s relationship with John
  • 13:49 – How Kelly navigated telling her children about their father’s cancer
  • 17:15 – How John’s diagnosis influenced Kelly’s career trajectory
  • 19:43 – Kelly talks about her career in Television Development and Production
  • 22:49 – How Kelly finds time for her own self-care
  • 25:25 – Kelly lists the gestures people can offer to help those going through something as horrible as cancer
  • 27:18 – Kelly’s blog, Mommy Dearest Inc.
  • 30:31 – Memes and motherhood
  • 33:03 – The current state of Kelly’s blog and what’s next
  • 34:53 – Other projects Kelly is working on
  • 36:39 – What does Kelly think about when she hears the word MILF
  • 36:48 – What is something Kelly has changed her mind about recently
  • 37:50 – How does Kelly define success
  • 40:45 – Lightning round of questions
  • 47:36 – Sign up for the MILF podcast newsletter for merchandise giveaways!

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