This is a 21 day workshop taking you through the first steps of my workbook, Unlocked, to get you on the road to writing your book/script/pilot. My belief is that when we are inspired to write or create something, it comes from a deep desire within us. Most of the time, we lock it up or push it away because we think it’s not as important as whatever else we have going on. The truth is, there’s nothing more important! Ok, paying your bills and feeding the kids is super important. But I’m talking about our life’s work. Telling our stories and leaving legacy is exactly why there are millions of books in print, millions of movies and tv shows and more and more platforms providing content. All of these are stories that help us make sense of the crazy world we live in and our place in it. They help us feel less alone, more in touch with ourselves, and provide us with a road map, in many cases, on how to connect to each other.

My job as a coach is to help you trust that seed of desire within you, follow it, and articulate your vision onto the page in a way that makes you feel successful, accomplished, and clear. ‘Unlocked’ is a workbook that I’ve created to start you off on that path using clear and simple steps to lay the foundation for your project and get out of your own way.

I’m giving spaces to students who sign up for my Unlocked workshop in order to give a taste of what I do with clients and provide you with a foundation of how to begin on the path to writing your story. I have a lot of inquiries coming in about how the heck to write a book, a screenplay, a stage play. So, I’m going to share some of my biggest tools with you for free. Because I believe in the power of story and I believe every person’s story is valuable to us all. Your story is worthy, it’s important. It has healing and restorative powers you don’t even know about yet. So, I want to help you Unlock and write and tell your story.

This is for a writer who wants to begin (or continue) writing their project, but feels stuck or unsure of how to proceed. Whether you have a few pages written or nothing at all, this will help you get clear on what you want to write and what you want to have completed when you reach your writing goals.

  • Unlocked 21-day prep workbook (PDF download)
  • Unlocked 21-day prep talk (audio download beginning of each week)
  • Private Unlocked Facebook group (optional)
  • Unlocked 9 minute Audio Meditation (audio download)
  • Instagram community support via hashtag (optional)
  • Email support