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MILF Podcast, hosted by Jennifer Tracy, isn’t about sex. Well, not just about sex anyway. Turning the beloved acronym on its head and pushing the boundaries of what it means is what prompted Jennifer to start the podcast, and also that she has lots of cool Moms she Likes to Follow and hear their stories.

MILF Podcast isn’t just about motherhood, though that is a common thread among guests of the show, but it’s about being a woman, entrepreneur, partner, married or single, and straddling those lines.

Jennifer learned how to mother by following other moms around her. “I didn’t know what I was doing,” she says, “and the hours spent talking to moms who were likewise hanging onto their sanity while our toddlers mouthed every piece of plastic in the toy-bin were the only hours that I didn’t feel so alone. Hours that I felt like, ‘If she can do this, I can do this. And she is feeling some of the same things I am feeling. Maybe I’m not a total failure at this after all.’

Ultimately, Jennifer’s goal for MILF Podcast is to unite women and mothers by sharing their stories far and wide. We’ve compiled a fantastic roster of dynamic guests for you. We hope you will subscribe and enjoy the show!


MILF Podcast